2 Buds Apparel, LLC

At 2Buds we have one goal, provide fashionable gear that shows your true passion without SCREAMING stoner!! But hey, on that note, let's get to know each other better!

About Us


Let's take it back to '09

2 buds met in college over a shared passion for the medicated lifestyle, always using their chill time wisely & discussing possible business ventures at every turn. They soon began brainstorming & eventually, Lifestyle Clothing was born.



Lifestyle was a basement business, it was a hobby for the 2 buds to design in their free time, print some shirts & attend trade shows. They found a lot of local success & would continuously sell out at conventions, but never had the desire to pursue the business full time.


Fast-forward to 2019

Lifestyle Clothing had eventually become dormant & the 2 buds started working 9 to 5 jobs while still maintaining their passion for the green life, always talking about one day revisiting their passion for their original dream.

2 Buds & the Future


2Buds Apparel is born

They decided one day to get the band back together with a new portfolio of designs & a common goal in mind; provide fashionable, great quality gear & excellent customer service. All the while staying true to their roots! We love the new gig & we hope you all do too.